Friday, November 26, 2010

2010 Summary

  • Matt's Wild Cherry - tiny, early, sweet.  They get overripe, are hard not to pull the skin off when you pick so it's hard to save for a day.  Give it lots of space because it overgrew a plant 18" away.  I got tired of it, but the kids love it
  • Sungold Cherry - a standard.  Grow it again
  • Yellow Bell cherry - tasty, but plant withered away.
  • Black Cherry - tastes like bigger cherries. Hard to tell when ripe.  Planting again
  • Garden Peach - a novelty for looking/feeling like a peach.  tastes ok.  Grows well
  • Rose de Berne - large, ugly with good taste
  • Tiffen Mennonite - large, ugly good taste.  Grew well
  • Beefsteak - large, ugly, not many
  • Brandywine - Not too many, overwhemed
  • Speckled Roman plum - good eating, prolific, tasty.  Grow more
  • San Marzano - the standard plum.  Not as many as Speckled roman.  Tiny, determinite

  • Little Leaf Cuke - succumed to cucumber beetles.
  • Waltham Butternut - Always good.  Need to add buttercup
  • Trombocini - summer sqauash in summer that's better then zuccini.  Winter squash at the end of the season.  Slightly stringy.  Sprawls.  Worth growing.
  • Need to grow zuccini 
  • French Breakfast Radishes - did nothing to ward off squash bugs.  Grows fast!  Good stir fried w/ garlic & onion.  Have lots of seed.
  • Canelinni - got enough to plant next year.  Really need to trellis.
  • Romano type - need to plant & trellis.  Missed them this year
  • Dragon beans - enough to plant, but need to trellis
  • Bush beans - didn't pick, but the rabbit liked them.

  • We love Peas.  I planted 4 types & can't remember which types but can remember which ones I liked best :-(  We didn't shell any so a sugar snap or snow type is best
  • Carrots did ok.  I need to plant many more
  • Beets - chiogga does well & I like both bulbs and leaves
  • Beets - Detroit red did well
  • Brussel sprouts disappointed.  Defintely a 2nd season
  • Broccoli disappointed.  Nothing until fall.  Bolts faster then we can pick
  • Cauliflower disappointed - also fall
  • Fairytale eggplant - did well.  we didn't pick too well.
  • Rocket Arugula - easy, and excellent
  • Mustard Green Wave - easy, but too sharp
  • Fennel - Awesome.  Need to plant again
  • Lettuce - need to figure out how to do.  Something near the house & away from woodchucks.
  • Need to do a cabbage
  • Celery - not so good on growing from seed, but transplants do well.
  • Peppers - used transplants, did well
  • Watermelon was great!
  • Muskmelon did ok.  We can do melons!
  • Basil - started easily from seed.  Need to do a non-peppery type.
  • Dill did well & I saved lots of seed.  No cukes for pickles though
  • Sweet corn - very tasty.  Lots of borer worms.
  • Broadbeans/Fava did great.   Good soil conditioner.  No a large yield, but early season.  It'd be good for 1st season, then plan beets or carrots or cauliflower.
  • I didn't get a good yield this year, probably due to lack of watering.  And fingerlings.
  • Will do a large All Blue with water next year.  In-laws love the ones I did for them & they had a better yield.
  • Zinnias did well. Want to do more
  • I wasn't able to get Marigold seeds going
  • I need to do more flowers.  Rows.
  • Never got going with sunflowers.  The tiny muliticluster ones I did do we just a seedhead.

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