Sunday, October 10, 2010

Frost is coming and fall is running out

With the plastic mulch, drip irrigation and covering walkways there's not any weeding or watering to do.  At the beginning & end of the season, there's always lots to do.

One of the in-law plots had cukes, potato and tomato.  The tomatoes were not yielding that much.  So I pulled it all up, coiled the drip irrigation up and rototilled any remaining weeds up.  I wasn't able to put plastic down so there were lots of weeds!  I'm hoping some weed seeds will germinate and I can rototill again before they go to seed.

In my own garden I've dug up the potato plot & I rototilled it.  I'm planning on planting garlic there, but I'm worried about having enough sun.

I pulled up all the squash, cuke, watermelon, radish, corn and beans.  Tomatoes are still up except some vines that had died.  I've left the irrigation out to try to germinate some weed seeds.  After the frost I'll pull tomatoes and till everything in. All the walkway covering is off and much of the plastic.

I haven't touched the new area to the right.  I've decided it's too close to the current plot.  I'm thinking of a new plot to the left with a nice wide walkway between the two.

There's still more to do.  I didn't get enough dry beans to eat, but certainly enough to plant.  If I want a good amount of beans, I need to plant much more with a real trellis.  Rabbits get after it if it's low, but once it's high enough, pods can form higher.

I've gotten lots of dill seed for next year.  I started squishing some tomatoes for the seed.  Speckled Roman, San Marazano, Sun Gold, Black Cherry, Yellow Bell and a nice sized small red tomato that I can't id.  I was very happy with the Speckled Roman.

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