Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kids in the garden

My daughter and the boy next door were making "Volcanos" in the garden.  Mounds of dirt with an opening in he middle.  Then they'd get water and fill it up, maybe adding a worm or some rocks.

I put in a row where they were not erupting for peas while they played.  With two furrows in the row, I called them over.  I gave each a handful of peas and showed them where to put them.  The boy said "Can we eat these peas?".  Well, they're organic and uncoated.  "Sure", I said and all 3 of us popped a dry pea in our mouths.  Just like a split pea.  He asked where he could get one.  "Any grocery store or hardware store or garden store will have seed packets."

They went back to their Volcanos as I covered the peas with dirt.  When he was called home for dinner, I remembered another packet I had and gave them to take home.  He was excited to take them home.

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