Wednesday, April 4, 2012

2012 begins

Seeds have been ordered and he planning begun. I've ordered 2 dwarf Liberty apple trees, a Bartlett pear and a Clapp's Favorite pear to plant. As part of that, I'll take down the nectarine. 1 fruit in 4 years and it caught a disease last year. In the fall, hurricane Irene tipped it over. I was able to prop it back up, but I thin it's time. I rototilled the garden, putting in manure and hi cal limestone. The fence is going to be higher, around 5 feet. I'm going to put deer netting above that, to annoy the woodchucks so they won't come in. Outside the fence, close to the house, I tilled up a small area for "The Woodchuck Garden". I'll be putting squashes (they seem to be favored) in with the hope they'll go there instead of inside the fence. It's in BB gun range too. Speaking of pests, I figured out that squash bugs do not like Diatamacious Earth<\b>. I have some and a duster. I'll have them safely under control this year. Being optimistic, I'm planning on more squashes. I've done Watham Butternut and Trombocini because they're resistant, but I'll be adding others, maybe a pumpkin this year. We had a few watermelon and muskmelon last year. I'm going to have more melon this year.

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