Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Woodchucks deserve to die

I added to the fence but apparently it wasn't enough.  They must be climbing the gates which are not floppy.

Last night we had a broccoli sprig that had gone to yellow flower.  I debated cutting another one,but decided it could go 1 more day.

*sigh* Tonight, the broccoli was just green sticks.

Tonight, I ordered an electric fence.  18" fiberglass posts. I'll have 3 strands at 4", 5", 6" and that'll do the rabbits too.  It is designed to be used with an existing fence.  I should've done this 2 years sooner.

On a good note, last night my daughter and I put more seed in.  I reseeded where some of the lettuce, beets and carrots didn't germinate. And added another short row. Succession planting. I should do this every 2 weeks or so.

My daughter did flowers. I pointed her at a section of virgin plastic & showed her how to poke a hole in and put a few seeds in.  I have no idea what she put in but there's some of every flower.

Then I showed her the tomato rows.  In between the plants I like to put basil.  I showed her where the basil didn't germinate and had her put in seed.  She liked doing it herself.  Tonight I found the packet still out, but that's ok.

Next time we'll put in more beans.

I'll be getting some photos soon.  The garden has doubled in size.  Real gates.  Row cover on cukes & zukes.

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