Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good news and bad news

I got a late start to the season and ended up planting on Memorial Day.  The last frost was 4 weeks earlier.

My Zucchini seeds never sprouted so I had to get transplants.  Gardeners can do that.  Farmers, not so much.  I'll have to do the same for cucumbers too.

On the good front, I ate a broccoli sprout and a pea pod - also planted late :-(

On the bad, woodchucks love celery.  My fence is a bit low in one spot (fixed in the rain tonight) and she came in and followed the fence through the peas.  Some were muched.  The broccoli was munched a bit.  Then past the swiss chard for a bite & then mowed the celery down.

So now I know what to bait the trap with....

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