Sunday, October 10, 2010

Too long since the last post!

It's October.  I'd like to say I've been busy in the garden, but...  I don't weed, the watering is automatic.  Mainly, I harvest.

The cucumber beetles killed the cukes with mosaic virus I think.  The Trombocino & butternut squash got hit with it & recovered a bit.

Squash bugs went through a generation.  I hit them with organic pyrenthium/rotone a few times during the season and that seemed to help. The in-law garden didn't have bugs this year.  My neighbor didn't have them in his garden 50 yards away.

I harvested the squash last weekend.  I filled 2 milk crates with butternut and overflowed a 3rd with some butternuts and trombocino.  Probably another crate of damaged butternet.  Some frozen, some eaten, some given away.

I also dug potato.  I think I broke even with the weight I put in.  the in-law plot did better.  I think my plot didn't have enough sun.  Neither plot got watered and I think I should've with the dry summer.  Oh well, next year!

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