Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Tomatoes are coming; the tomatoes are coming

The story begins with the seed catalogs. As the long stretch of winter seems to have no end in site, the seed catalogs arrive and fill us with the memories of the warmth of the summer. Tom scrutinizes each of the catalogs, takes lots of notes, develops a game plan, and then revises it again and again. He looks like he is writing a dissertation as he puts so much of himself into this work. He emerges with a list of seeds that he wants to order. He explains why each one is important and tries to get me onboard with him.

I pretty much stay out of his way and let him order whatever he wants making sure that my favorites are on the list. When you see him, ask him where the black zucchini are growing in the garden. Answer: they're not! He humored me into believing that he would plant some, but was so discouraged by the squash bugs last year, that he avoided them altogether this year. He is growing some type of replacement, but I am not convinced that they will be worthy. Tom has a tendency of telling me what I want to hear and the garden is no exception. Last night, I asked him to show me the black zucchini; instead he showed me some quasi-zucchini plants. They are growing and are resistent to squash bugs, but the real test will be when we take our first bite.

As for the tomatoes, there are so many on the way. I have a funny feeling that we are going to have 50 pounds of tomatoes all in a week's time. So far, the children has eaten the few Matt's Wild Cherry tomatoes that have ripened. Our daughter was really angry last night when she couldn't have a second tomatoes because there was only one that was red. Soon she will be in tomato bliss as it won't be long now.....

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