Thursday, July 22, 2010

More harvest & pictures

The usual shot from the deck.  The corn is starting its tassels.

Squash bugs are barely in evidence.  A few eggs, a few mites and one adult I missed squishing tonight.

This is the Trombocino squash I grew instead of the Black Beauty zucchini I had last year.

I harvested this one tonight.  Ann did the breaded cutlet thing with them for dinner.

She pronounced it a success.  They taste a bit more delicate then the zucchini.  They're a bit denser with less water too.  I'm not sure they'll be as good on the grill.

I'll be planting the zucchini next year for sure.  The Trombocinos sprawl almost as bad as butternut.  I'll still plant them, but the zucchini fit in the garden better.

This watermelon is looking good.  I have 2 others about the same size and some smaller.  Plus lots of blossoms.  We love watermelon!

It's hanging from the fence between the garden & the annex.  I need to think about trellising more.

Looking to the right of the watermelon shot, you can see the weeds/grass on the ends of the rows.  The butternut should out compete it.  The watermelon should do ok.

I never said my garden was weed free; I just don't *need* to do weeding.

After the harvest I'll till it all in & put down a cover crop.  Next year maybe I'll put down clover on the margins.

There are more radishes.  I planted them densely and got to pull grown ones out.  We're not that into them raw.    Ann cooks them w/ butter + garlic and we like that.  Mostly, they're to go to seed & scare away the bad bugs.

And there is one sticking up.  Do they keep the bugs away?  I'm not going to give them credit for the squash bugs.  The in-laws plot had as many last year as I did and they have none this year.

I have *lots* of cucumber beetles, ants, crickets, spiders, japanese beetles and a few species of dragonfly.  The yellow sticky traps have lots more.

I don't think the radishes did anything.  But it was nice to have something up quick while we were waiting for everything else besides peas.

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  1. Trombocinis are awesome. We have had them a variety of ways these last few days. A little butter with onions and mushrooms for breakfast, on the grill with a bit of balsamic vinegar for dinner, and with some cinnamon and sugar on the grill-not as good but an interesting experiment.

    I love that the children keep asking for more. I am glad as we are now in the trambosini squash feast phase.. (we can't keep up with the harvest and are finding people to share with).