Sunday, July 4, 2010

July Already?

I was busy (& late) getting my plants in.  I was also doing my In-law's garden.   Anyways, I have everything in.

As you can see the tomatoes look pretty good.  The cherry tomatos have green fruit.  The Tiffen Mennonite have some too.  I've been pruning and I think that's making them healthier.  For father's  day I got tomato ladders from Gardener's Supply.  I like them even though they're expensive.  They'll last a long time.  They have lots of interesting stuff in their catalog, especially for container gardening.  Recommended.

I have cucumber beetles again.  This is inside a cantaloupe flower.  I've been squishing every one I can find.  They like to mate in a flower or cup of leaves like at the left of the flower.

I've been finding them on the zucchini, butternut and the cantaloupe, but not on my cucumber plants.

I've ordered some yellow trap cards to put up.
The zucchinis are doing well.  No blossoms yet.

I've been finding the dreaded squash bugs around.  There is usually one near the base of any squash plant.

I've been squishing them too!  And finding fewer each time I go out.  With luck, I won't have as many this year.With luck, I won't have as many this year.

I planted radishes around all zucchini even though I'm not a fan.  We have lots of them and I've been plucking them out to thin them.  I heard that radishes gone to seed can minimize squash bugs so here's hoping.

I tried doing the Three Sisters thing.  Corn for a stalk for the Beans with Squash providing shade.

I see it as a way to tuck some beans & corn amongst the squash.  If you want lots of corn, I think rows are better.

The annex section is going well.  My father-in-law gave me some fencing.  I had a fence 1/2 way around and the rabbit and woodchuck seemed to stay out, but I feel better with the full fence surrounding it.

Just beyond the annex you can see some wood.  The celery I put in there has been mowed down while the 1/2 fenced annex was untouched.

We've been harvesting peas, garlic scapes, fava beans and radishes.  I'm looking forward to the carrots and beets.

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  1. Well, it is July and I still don't have any zucchini. Last year at this time, I was harvesting at least 10 a day. Tom said that he got a late start, but I have other concerns. No blossoms, means no zucchini, which ultimately means Mom's not happy.

    Otherwise, the garden looks great. Tom is doing a wonderful job of tending our garden. We miss him though and expect to see him surface sometime around September. He spends all of his waking moments in the garden, even though he says that the garden is maintenance free. What could he possibly be doing out there. Perhaps, he is really snoozing in the hammock when we aren't looking. That sounds like something he would enjoy. A nice book and a relaxing swing on the hammock.

    Last night, Tom talked about the fruit trees that he wants to put in. I heard him say apple and I don't know what else. I don't think our 1 acre is going to be enough.