Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Harvest is trickling in

We've started getting harvest!  The muskmelon is ripe.  I've seen 4 watermelons on the way and there are lots of squashes growing.  Purple beans and yellow beans are starting to produce.

The peas have had their run.  The garlic needs to be harvested.  Dill is coming up and just starting to flower.  I'm hoping to have lots for dill pickles.

Tonight, we got 2 tomatos which my daughter promptly ate.  She had pointed them out also.  It's only fair.  I found (they love to hide) 5 cucumbers.  They might be a bit riper then I'd like.

Two nights ago I thinned my beets.  Mostly, it was the greens with tiny beets.  I like both.  My son got a carrot that I thinned also.  by thinning, I mean I plant too tightly and pull the largest ripe ones and hope that give room for the ones left behind.  It works well for the radishes.  Not so much for beets and carrots.

The trombocino squash looks like it finally has something ready to harvest.  I picked 2 at my in-law's garden.  I think my fear of squash bugs got the better of me.  I haven't seen any at their plot even though they had the same overrun I had last year.  I've seen a few, but hand picking has kept it reasonable.  I also know better then to let them go!

My tomatoes have fruit and blossoms.  The corn is growing.  The peaches are doing well.  Ann even found a nectarine or two high up on the tree.  Perhaps we'll finally have one.

The eggplant had blooms, but I'm not seeing any fruit :-(  I planted Fairy Tale based on our CSA but they're not doing as well.  I have a broccoli that's yet to fruit.  Crown?

That's about it for now.  I don't have pictures for this post, but next post, I'll have a muskmelon.


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