Monday, July 12, 2010

Fruiting around the garden

Peaches 5/26 lookin good.

And on 7/12.

The potatoes 6/26 are flowering.  No pests in site and nothing seems to be eating them.  They're outside the fences right on the deer path.  I've seen fisher cats, woodchuck, rabbit, fox, turkey and squirrels walk across where they're planted.

Of course I need to plant something else there for the next 2 years.  Maybe I'll just put in clover.

There's at least one muskmelon on its way.  This is where I 1st found the cucumber beetles, inside the blossoms.

This  was  a transplant from Verrill Farm.  I've ordered tomato transplants there for the last 3 years, even as I do my own seedlings.  I also got some off the lot.  All of the tallest plants in my garden are from Verrill.

This is a Matt's Wild Cherry hybrid from Verrill.  I don't have a seed source so I ordered 2 this year.

Mr. Verrill also has a tomato grower's class every spring.  I learned about staking every other tomato with the string around the outside there.

As you can see, the tomatoes are at the top of the 6' ladders.  I got them from Gardener's Supply Company for Father's day.  They have 3' extensions available.  I might want to think about them for the indeterminate tomatoes.

I love beets.  I think these are Detroit Red.  I also planted Chiogga.  I usually steam the greens & eat them like steamed spinach.

The basil next to it was planted from seed on the same day.  Yet another thing you should plant from seed instead of transplants!

Finally, a Trombocino Squash is starting.

Seeing how late these are running compared to the Black Beauty and the reduced squash bug population, I'll have to plant Black Beauties again.  Maybe some of each for an early/late combination.

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