Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Father and Son

Last night, my heart was warmed as I watched our six year old boy helping Dad out in the garden. Often he is too busy playing video games, watching television, and just plain being lazy. (Before you pass judgement, let me be clear that his video and tv time is limited).

Last night was different and was special. They were side by side pulling out a few weeds, snipping off some of the runners on the tomatoes, pulling up some radishes that NJ proudly presented to Mom, and just sharing whatever it is that boys share.

I got some much needed time alone as our daughter was taking a nap, but I couldn't help sneaking a glance or two at the boys being boys.

Tom is a great Dad. We started the garden so that our children would have a love for vegetables. We envisioned the children helping to plant, weed, harvest. They do enjoy grabbing the peas and tomatoes while outside, but until last night, we hadn't seen much help with the legwork.

I know that someday our son will get a lesson in the irrigation system and the weather monitoring that Tom has carefully set up. NJ's engineering mind will be fascinated with the technology and with making it better. I love to hear our children telling the neighborhood kids all about the vegetables. We now have a neighborhood of chive and mint loving little kids who love to sneak a few bites and think they are getting away with something. The other night, our 5 year old neighbor and I were comparing tomato plants. You could hear the pride in his voice as he was talking about his father's garden.

Modern families have missed the boat by not gardening. They are missing a fabulous opportunity for families to share something so important. To know that you planted the seeds in April, watered them religiously indoors and then brought them outside to face all that nature delivers, you are truly preparing your children for life in general-the ups and downs, the successes and the failures, and the joys of work done well! So, bring on the zucchini!

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