Monday, April 12, 2010

More Potato

I cut the potatoes into chunks with at least 2 eyes, dusted the cuts with sulfur and let them set overnight.

Saturday, I put them into the trenches about 12" to 18" apart.  That's probably  too tight, but potatoes are forgiving.

Notice I have double the number of trenches from last week?  20 lbs of seed potatoes take lots of space.

I put 2.5 pounds of potato per row.  I put 1 pound of fingerlings per row.  Each row is 20' to 25'.

I put 2 chunks in each spot.  I have 2.5 pounds of All Blue from
Fedco Seeds' Moose Tubers.  Last year's crop was excellent.  The texture of Red Bliss and they keep well.  Plus they're blue all the way through, even after cooking.

I had ordered 2.5 pounds of Carib but Purple Viking  was substituted.

I also have 2.5 lbs of All Blue plus 2.5 pounds of Green Mountain for the In-law garden at their house.

 I've never had fingerlings so I got Fantastic Fingerings which have a pound of 5 different types.  I had some extra for the In-law garden.

I just drag a bit of the dirt I turned over back across the chunks for a light cover.  Later in the season, I'll pull more of it over to mound up the potatoes.

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