Sunday, August 5, 2012

photos of the veggies

 I've taken pictures and uploaded, but just haven't been able to blog.

This is another year of squash bugs.  *sigh*  None next year, I'll starve them.

Indigo Rose tomato looks real nice.  I've had one turn color underneath, to red.  It was tasty.  I wish they'd ripen sooner.

There have been 2 lemon boys, and some cherry tomatoes, but I'd really like more by now!  Adding gypsum around them has saved the plum tomatoes from blossom end rot.  One speckeled roman that I didn't get had it, but the rest did not.

The cabbages are not heading, but they are in the inlaws.

We're getting lots of cukes. The cucumber beetles seem down a bit; maybe the DE dusting is helping.

Peas are done.  It's time to turn it in & cover and plant a fall crop.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

August garden fun!

We just realized that it has been a while since we posted. The garden is in full bloom, although we are definitely being attacked by the squash bugs. Next year, we are not growing the plants that they love. We will do all of our squash at an off site location which doesn't seem to be under attack.

We have lost the zucchini plants, and the trombosino is under attack. There were too many bugs, eggs, and  mites to fight the battle this morning and the very hot and humid conditions made it too hard to wage that war.  Our daughter did all that she could to squash the squash bugs with her shoes, but it just isn't enough. This is the time of year when I question whether being organic is the best choice as it is so frustrating to watch the garden that you have labored over suddenly disappear before your eyes.

We choose "organic" and will change our growing plans for next year.  I believe you should grow what works and try not to fight mother nature. I am surprised we didn't figure this out sooner.

Today, we had a lovely garden breakfast. We picked tomatoes, cucumbers, fairytale eggplant, hot peppers, trombosino (one of the few that we still have left), and radishes....... We ate outside and had a great time!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Harvest begins

No pictures, but's it's been too long.

Squash bugs - I've got 'em.  I've been squshing eggs, bugs and dusting with dichotomous earth.  Some mites hatched and I sprayed insecticidal soap.  Tomorrow, after the rain, more DE on all the squash.

We've picked the 1st zucchini.  There's another on the way.  We only have 2 plants and that's where the squash bugs are.

We have trombocini squash, about 5 plants.  There's bugs there too, but they have some resistance.

2 buttercup squash.  No bugs yet.

Melons are looking good.  I've seen 2 fruit.

Tomatos.  Lots of greens and lots of flowers.  Nothing quite ripe, but I suspect I'll pick one this weekend.  The indigo are really dark with lots of clusters of saladette tomatos.

Eggplant continues to look awesome.  I picked 2 of the green apple.  Lots of fairy tail ready.  And a few black beauty starting.

Peas are still arriving.  I'd like lots more, but they're tasty.  Maybe I should plan a fall crop.

Northeast snap beans are really starting to produce.  I picked a double handful tonight.  I think I like the romano beans, but these are good too.  Not as wide, but lots longer.

Jalepeno and ancho peppers are coming.  Celery is recovering from rabbit munching.

Potato are doing well too.

Monday, July 2, 2012

sugar snap peas

indigo tomato
 We're starting to pick peas.  The rabbits missed enough so they grew past what part they'd eat.

The indigo tomato is interesting.  It's a whiteish green at 1st, but quickly turns almost black, like someone poured paint on it.  Some of the other tomatos have green fruit, but I think we'll be some of these saladette tomatoes before anything else.

Things are starting to come in.  I saw squash bug eggs under one of the trombocino squash leaves.   I used my new duster to spread diatomatious earth around the cucurbits.  I also saw some holes in leaves that are slugs.  I've seen them anyways.  The DE will help with those and the cucumber beetles.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Peas have arrived

This is from 6/16.  Today, 6/24, my daughter & I picked 10-12 pods.  4 were from this plant.

More Pictures

From 6/10/2012
 From 6/16

 These flowers have bloomed from 1-2 blossoms.  My daughter has been deadheading them.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The spreadsheet

I started a spreadsheet to track things in the garden.

Today, I got my son to help.  As you can see in the spreadsheet, we seeded a row with Watermelon and Honeydew, a row of butternut squash, a row of pumpkin and a row of buttercup squash.