Sunday, August 5, 2012

photos of the veggies

 I've taken pictures and uploaded, but just haven't been able to blog.

This is another year of squash bugs.  *sigh*  None next year, I'll starve them.

Indigo Rose tomato looks real nice.  I've had one turn color underneath, to red.  It was tasty.  I wish they'd ripen sooner.

There have been 2 lemon boys, and some cherry tomatoes, but I'd really like more by now!  Adding gypsum around them has saved the plum tomatoes from blossom end rot.  One speckeled roman that I didn't get had it, but the rest did not.

The cabbages are not heading, but they are in the inlaws.

We're getting lots of cukes. The cucumber beetles seem down a bit; maybe the DE dusting is helping.

Peas are done.  It's time to turn it in & cover and plant a fall crop.


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