Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial weekend planting

The hardening off wasn't working quite so well. The plants were not happy.

However, it's time to get them in the ground. The eggplant was just right to go in. My 5 yr old put over 1/2 of them in. I have 24 fairy tale, 8-10 black, 8-10 green apple.

Tomatoes: Striped Roman, Volkov and Indigo.
Cukes: Little Leaf pickling
Trombocino squash.
Chantaruse melon
Cabbage (all 6 by my daugher). Jalepeno peppers.

I staked 2 rows of tomatoes with a florida weave. Next year, I have to work on not being so leggy.
I have 10-12 more tomatoes at Verrill Farm to go in another row.

Next is direct seeding and row for the cukes.

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