Friday, June 1, 2012

Everything transplanted

Trombocino Squash

24 Fairy Tale Eggplant

At the end of the row, you can make out a trombocino squash from a transplant.  It's shot up since transplanting it monday.  I thought squash were always unhappy about transplanting.  In the foreground is one of the flowers my daughter planted.

Monday I planted our 12 tomatoes from Verrill Farm for varieties I decided not to grow from seed.  It's hard to keep track of 1 or 2 of a plant among 15.  You can see them on the left of the eggplant.  
Peas and Beans


8 Zucchini
I've got strings trailing into the beans and peas to train them up the trellis.  I'm planning at least one more row of beans next to the melon.

Wednesday, my daughter and a neighbor friend put the Zucchini seeds in.

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