Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sunday in the garden

 Today was for my garden. 2 plots, 11 rows each. I had 1/4" water in the left. In the right, I'm switching to 1/2" dripline. The 1/4 has a limit of 20' per run with a total of 200'. My rows are 20-22'. The 1/2 has a 33' limit with 400' total.

1st thing I did was put the plastic on the left. I already have peas, so I can't do that row. I've overlapped the plastic and I'll have a narrow walkway I'll put 2' wide landscape cloth.

I'm leaving the 11th row for zuccini or cabbage. I saw an interesting technique on covering them with a tent of row cover until they're mature.

Then it was time for the right side. 1/2" drip is easier to put in. I covered the rows with plastic.

Time to test the water. Starting at the faucet were leaks. The anti-backsiphon leaked alot. Stripped plastic threads. Luckily, I had bought an extra. The valve, filter and pressure reduced were fine. The from hose thread to 1/2" leaked lots. I tried a few things, but using 2 hose washers seemed to do the trick. Finally, the 1/2" hose kinked. 3 elbows and some short sections of tubing cured that.

Now that the supply was all set and it was time to check the garden for leaks. The 1/4" had a cut line, easily fixed. The 1/2" had a cut section between rows, a hole between a tee and valve for a row and the end caps on each row needed to be secure. I think the 1/2" is easier to fix.

Everything now gets water. I put down some landscape cloth, folding it in half. I put staples at the end, then a section of strapping held down with 2 pieces of rebar with a hook. That will keep the wind from getting under it.

I got some of the lifetime cloth too. It's 6' wide, but I'm cutting it into 2' lengths. It's certainly easier to laydown, but it takes time to cut. We'll see.

Finally, with all that, my wife has been telling me to plant the celery. I planted 1/2 of the transplants she got. 18. The rest will go to the in-law garden.

The only thing left for the in-law are tomatos and eggplant. I have 60 of each. That should be more than enough for both of us with lots to give away. I've been slow on hardening them off do to the rain, but when that gets done, I'll plant them.

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