Saturday, August 21, 2010

Peach Harvest

The woodchuck was able to go under the fence I put out.  Next year I'll have to do better.  I saw 1/2 the crop disappear overnight.  So I picked them.  28 peaches.  The one in the top upper right is the single one (of 2) from a 4 year old tree I planted last year.  It's a gift to get one so soon.

The one nectarine disappeared overnight too.  It was real high and I didn't think the woodchuck could get it, but the branch was sturdy.

So far, this is the best yield ever.  And they taste better then any other peaches I've ever had.

Next year I need to do something different with the fences.  Something that prevents crawling or digging under.  That I can mow around.  And take up after the season to trim or roto-till.  I'm thinking 2'-3' of wire cloth laid flat on the ground around the outside.  With landscape staples to keep it flat.  And tiewrap the fence to it.

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