Monday, July 12, 2010

Compare this

It's way easier to take pictures then upload them.  So I end up with 3 weeks of photos & then I only want to write about the new photos.  Today I have photos from 6/26, 7/11 and 7/12.  This is supposed to be a diary so it's good to see some time lapse.

This 1st photo is 6/26 from the front.
This is from 7/12.  The tomatos have really grown up.  Up front are the trombocino squash (a zuchinni that's resistant to squash bugs). They're advancing over the cukes on the front row.

Amongst the trombocinos are French Breakfast Radishes.  I was hoping they'd help keep the squash bugs away.

No such luck.  I've been finding eggs on the Waltham Butternut Squash in the back left.  These eggs are on a tomato leaf.  I even found some nymphs today.

I think I'm keeping up on squashing them though.  I'm not seeing too many adults (20?).

My big issue now is cucumber beetles.  I have yellow sticky traps up.  I need to put the lure on them.

I also sprayed the squash leaves with pyrinthium rotone - an organic pesticide.  It will kill bees so I'll want to be careful when things start to flower.

The peas were productive 5/26.  I planted amish snap peas, snow peas, and 2 other kinds I can't remember now.  The snaps taste the best.  The snow peas are noticely less tasty and are tougher.

Today, they're at the end.  There are still some but it's probably time to take them down & plant pole beans.

This is 7/11 overhead.  And 7/12.

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