Thursday, May 13, 2010

Other plots

I was going to remove the he square foot, but I think the trellis is useful for beans and peas.  I'll see how the rotation pans out.

Here's lettuce from the square foot plot I removed.  It's feeding the rabbit or the woodchuck for now.

I'll move the rest of the soil to the main plot addendum when I cover the rows & fence it in.
The Fava beans started coming up 5/1.  I took the clippings from the 1st mowing in to mulch.

Mulch is the key to keep weeds down.  It will also break down to feed the soil, a good reason to leave it on your lawn instead of bagging.  I don't care about my lawn as it's healthy enough to mow every 7-10 days.  I'd rather mulch.

Garlic on the left, fava on the right.  Chives are the green in the middle.  It probably would've been better to plan an herb garden.

More of the favas.  The mulch will also conserve water.  I'm not going to irrigate this plot so that's important.

You can see mint in there too.  It's going to take over this plot and it's spreading on the lawn.  It's a good reason to plan herbs - they spread.

You can see the garlic is doing well with the chives.

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